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You can also teach students practical skills through clinical teaching or serving as a legal research and writing instructor. This website is brought to you by Target Market Media in partnership with Telegenic Marketing. Navigating government regulations, public policy and legislative efforts, and seeking avenues for project funding. If any of these sound like you, you should consider talking with several lawyers before choosing one. Search for a Law Firm Search our directory of over 15,000 firms across the U.S.
It is encouraging member firms to become more efficient by means of project management tools, a website for knowledge sharing, and the outsourcing of low-value tasks such as initial document reviews. In-house lawyers are changing lawyers how they consume legal services—particularly how they specify the deliverables they actually need. Because Pfizer wants to do away with hours as the relevant unit of measure, there is no annual reconciliation of hours with fees.

Paul Dunham and Scotty Jones have made it their primary objective to hire criminal defense attorneys who have the dedication and experience in helping those accused of a crime in Texas to get the best legal defense possible at an affordable price. They have hand selected board certified attorneys, former prosecutors, assistant district attorneys and criminal defense lawyers to make up their team of criminal defense attorneys who defend their clients. The criminal attorneys at Dunham & Jones have over 200 years of combined legal experience. The law firm has offices in Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas and defense attorneys from all across the state who are ready to put their knowledge of the Texas criminal court system to work for you. Consider the by now well-documented efforts at DuPont over the past 20 years.
Our provider law firms provide legal protection to millions of members any time they need it, even in covered emergency situations, 24/7, 365 days a year. Foley & Lardner handles a wide range of business matters, and the majority of the firm’s major clients come from the automotive, energy, health care, life sciences, and technology fields. A leader in venture capital work and top ranked for intellectual property, Wilson Sonsini is a go-to firm for tech industry clients. Lawyers at the firm have an entrepreneurial mindset and strike the right balance between hard work and affability. With 950 attorneys across 16 offices around the world, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is a global player with very deep tech roots. The firm has become a leader in tech licensing transactions, technology financings and M&A, and intellectual property.
Use this directory to locate your appropriate contact based on where your firm is located. Secure logins, public resources - everything you need to quickly get to the information you need. Framing the conversation like this helps avoid arguments about whether contract paralegals or offshore legal-process outsourcing providers are “safe enough.” Instead it gets everyone talking about what factors would make each choice best for the matter at hand. Stoel Rives LLP is proud to be a member of the TerraLex network of attorneys. The best way for you to inquire regarding possible representation is to telephone one of our attorneys. They are involved in everything from buying a home, to writing a will, to prosecuting and defending criminals.

Among the firm’s practices are antitrust, appellate, bankruptcy, corporate disputes, environmental, insurance, intellectual property, international matters, life sciences, media and entertainment, products liability, and much more. A leader in bankruptcy and restructuring, Weil is an all-around legal superstar with a name that will shine on any resume. The firm is a good fit for team players who enjoy socializing and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard. The firm has pioneered major areas of law, such as corporate governance, private equity, and bankruptcy and restructuring. With approximately 1,100 lawyers, the firm has offices spanning three continents and six countries, and it continues to be one of the highest-grossing law firms in the world. Following the financial crisis, which saw the implosion of several major law firms, the grassroots alternative career movement is gaining traction in the broader legal world.
If you are seeking a large firm—we’re talking more than 1,000 lawyers across 21 offices—that boasts a welcoming, respectful atmosphere, McGuireWoods may be the place for you. Teamwork is key at this full-service firm, which also highly values pro bono work. McGuireWoods regularly serves clients in the automotive, banking and financial services, chemical, energy resources, food processing, general manufacturing, government, health care, insurance, real estate, technology and telecom, and transportation industries.

Attorneys who are simply very old and do not have the energy to work hard any longer. Many partners eventually start losing steam and no longer want to work long hours and face the pressure of bringing in clients. These lawyers may then decide that they would prefer to, instead, have a less stressful life that allows for the occasional golf game, days off during the week now and then, and regular vacations.
Magnusson remains fully operational and at your side assuring business continuity during this exceptional time. We are prepared and equipped to continue providing the high-quality legal services you expect from us. Similar integration capabilities will be required for legal services; what remains to be seen is who is best equipped to provide them. Some legal departments have started to build those capabilities internally.

There are generally attorneys inside of law firms who are very intelligent—some startlingly so—but who do not have the ability to bring in clients . They may be excellent writers, great at catching details in deals, and otherwise exceptional. At the same time, they may not have the best interpersonal skills with other legal advisers in the company and may be more comfortable in their offices with their doors closed.
To ensure follow-up, the best firms follow these sessions with facilitated workshops, grouped by “sector verticals”—that is, industry groups of their major clients like life energy, hospitality or insurance. By the end of the workshop, partners are required to identify at least one concrete, cross-practice opportunity and a clear plan of action that they’ll pursue with at least one colleague. Firms equip either practice group leaders or highly respected business development staff to hold partners accountable for delivering on their intentions. This approach helps to kick-start collaboration by making it part of a lawyer’s day-to-day job, rather than feeling like a cumbersome add-on. Reinforce the momentum by sending short, internal newsletters featuring recent collaborative success stories so that professionals understand how others in the firm have combined expertise to solve client issues.
Under significant pressure to control legal costs and risks because of an avalanche of mass tort cases in the 1990s, DuPont adopted a new model for partnering with law firms for mutual benefit. It started by changing the mix of work done by lawyers and paralegals, encouraging the reuse of standard materials, and consolidating work with a smaller set of law firms. More recently DuPont Legal has taken the model one step further, with what it calls the Recovery Initiative. DuPont Legal has determined that the company’s day-to-day transactions present an opportunity to add tangible value. In partnership with business units and the finance function, it identifies ways to recover cash or other value from, for example, intellectual property violations, customer or supplier failure to live up to contractual obligations, and billing problems. Not only has DuPont dramatically reduced the cost of defending the corporation by working with outside counsel to reengineer its processes, but it documented more than $1 billion in gross recoveries during the first four years of the initiative.

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